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The technologies required to move passengers and cargo safely from airport to airport worldwide are staggering.  In the new millennium, with the global population exceeding 6 billion people, airport operations need to be more efficient then ever.

Airport managers must make their facilities run at peak efficiency to take full advantage of this growth. The integration of information technologies is at the foundation of this efficiency.


Common User Services � What technology infrastructure is required at the airport to provide support to:

  • Shared Tenant Services
  • CUTE
  • Kiosks

What will be the impact of Wireless technologies?  How can airports best use this rapidly spreading technology?  How can they manage it proliferation and avoid interference and conflicts?

How to take advantage of the convergence of voice, data and the Internet.

How to limit Re-engineering and Integration costs after the construction has started or is completed.

How to maintain Configuration Management.  Are your plans up to date?  Do you have a current, validated inventory of your assets?

How to create a workable incident command plan.

How to manage technology changes so that occur so rapidly that technical resources within the airport cannot keep pace with all the trends,

What process should you use in selecting technology platforms that will scale as the requirements of airlines and users increase.


Integration must be planned, it does not just happen. The successful airports will ensure that technology standards, telecommunications, networking, applications, document and database management are deployed to meet the airport�s business goals.   Strategic plans are like taking a snapshot.  If your business changes in an unforeseen way, you need to pay again to take another snapshot that reflects your current business.  The AIS Strategic Plan methodology models the organization, business functions and technologies together into a 3 dimensional planning tool.  If the data changes, we simply make the changes in the database and you can see the new relationships and adjust your strategic plan.  This is a tremendous return on investment for the airport. No more starting over every time something changes.


Our Professional Service team consists of industry experts with experience from airport operations, financial management, rates and charges, project management, design, incident command, diaster recovery, gate and maintenance management solutions and technology strategic planning. 

The AISES planning methodology is a systematic approach that integrates the airport's organization, business functions and services, and its technology infrastructure into a common decision support tool. The data, collected only once, is used to create strategic plans for business, IT, and communications. When functional, technical or business changes occur, we simply update the data.

AIS is involved in continuous research, development and trend tracking. All this ensures we understand your business and technology needs, now and in the future.

Our consulting team has significant experience in analysis, system design and solutions for integrated Information Technology systems 

Airports require a technology planning partner that knows their business, tracks the Industry trends and has the research, technical knowledge and specific tools to assist airports to shorten the cycle and costs to specify and implement the right technologies to meet new business goals. AIS is that partner.

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