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Airport Integrated Systems, Inc (AIS) is an airport/airline strategic business and technology planning firm. AIS understands the relationship between business and technology and uses this expertise to assist airports and airlines with assessment, planning and design.
We provide strategic planning coupled with some very innovative database technologies that we developed to solve business and technology challenges.
The AIS difference is our proven logical, systematic and comprehensive methodology of capturing operational, technical and organizational data. This information is then loaded into the proprietary AISES™ database that systematically stores and organizes the airport data. This methodology provides decision support for AISs strategic business and technology planning. With this backbone of airport-specific information; business, operational and technology decisions can be efficiently made and validated with confidence. This comprehensive information base assists airport management in making the most qualified and quantified planning and management decisions for the airport business areas, the customers (passengers, airlines, vendors) and the employees. Traditional airport and airline consulting practices base their analysis, planning and recommendations on assumptions, conclusions and/or a standard model. 

AIS professional services include:

  • Business Based Design
  • Systems Needs Assessment
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Process Mapping and Re-engineering
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Program/Project Management
  • Strategic Systems Planning
  • Systems Design and Engineering
  • Risk Management Assessment 
  • Incident Management Planning
In today's increasingly competitive business environment, you need to fully understand and manage the multitude of functions, operations and services. AIS specializes in the integration of business and technology with operations to strategically prepare airports/airlines for business opportunities and technology advancements.
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