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Airport Integrated Systems specializes in Business Based Design and Planning, Needs Assessment, Business Management Services, Technology Strategic Planning and Systems Design consulting for airports and airlines.
AIS can help you manage your airport more efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.
We start by collecting, organizing and validating data about all your airport operations, systems and business functions. We provide consulting services coupled with some very innovative database technologies that we developed to solve business and technology challenges.  From this data comes comprehensive business process and dependency analyses.
The bottom line result of our business based assessment process is meaningful information.
That is the philosophy behind our consulting services and data management tools. Our comprehensive data-based planning is more accurate than the conventional intuition based method and is customized to your needs and requirements.
The AISES™ database  is a relational database that contains more than 500 categories of functions and over 400 categories of systems. When you link this information to your management organization, you will get a very comprehensive view of all the activities going on in your airport.
Thus, you can make decisions based on actual data and dependencies instead of using intuition.  You can actually calculate the impact on your operational, organizational or technological changes before you make them.
Much of that same data can be used with our CAPTURE™ software to create a more effective incident management system.
Founded in 1993, Airport Integrated Systems is headquartered in Denver, CO.
The knowledge base of AIS is unique to the consulting field. With a clear vision of the trends affecting airport operations,  the senior staff at AIS knows the business, the realities, and the constraints.
AIS was created by a team of airport professionals who identified a need in the aviation industry a way to better understand and manage the overwhelming and dynamic information in an airport environment. Our goal is to empower your management decision making.
We set out by gathering data on airports' operations and put it into a comprehensive database. Acknowledging that each airport is unique and can contain more than 500 categories of operations including systems, subsystems, organizations and activities present at an airport, a team of airport professionals created AISES™, an airport specific database. Once that database was built, airport management could see, for the first time, the dependencies between seemingly unrelated systems and operations. This unique methodical approach can not only point out weaknesses, but can help generate useful solutions to current and future challenges. Over the years, weve evolved and refined AISES™ into the worlds most comprehensive airport management and planning tool.
Airport Integrated Systems
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