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Selected completed projects of Airport Integrated Systems:
Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International
Airport Authority

AMEC-AIS Planning group developed an Information Technologies Communications Equipment Master Design Concept for the Authority in partnership with AMEC Construction Management and AMEC Technologies.  This design concept included assessment, development of the master plan and assisting the Authority with its implementation.
Asheville Regional Airport Authority
In 1999, AIS performed system design and engineering work. Specific systems include public address, telephone with voicemail, multi-user flight information display, and cable and communications infrastructure.
Denver International Airport
In 1999, AIS completed a comprehensive inventory and assessment of DIA's IT and Communications systems. From an operations perspective, we identified the business and operational dependencies of these systems. In addition, AIS assisted the Airport in reviewing its business continuity and contingency plans. AIS was selected on the basis of our extensive airport experience and depth of knowledge in systems and communications dependencies.
Tampa International Airport
AIS performed the Y2K assessment and remediation management for Tampa International. This project included identifying critical systems and interfaces in the airport and assessing the compliance status and criticality of these systems to normal operations.
Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority

In 1996, AIS teamed with AT&T to provide network operational remediation support to MWAA to improve the effectiveness of their shared tenant communications system. This work resulted in the supporting service provider contract being reassigned. This shared tenant services telecom business analysis for AT&T was completed in 1997. In 1999, AIS was awarded the task of providing selected audit review of MWAA's Y2K efforts. This work was completed in June 1999.
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