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Sooner or later, your airport will face a crisis. And like many crises, you may not see it coming. And if you do, you won't have much time to get ahead of the problem. CAPTURE™ is a powerful planning tool that can help you dramatically strengthen your crisis management plan.
The best way to avoid a crisis is to avert it altogether. CAPTURE™ can help you spot weaknesses within your airport systems so you can make corrections and avoid failure.
There are many fine incident command software systems on the market.  However, without a methodology for generating your crisis management plan, you may end up owning "shelfware."
Putting CAPTURE™
to Work
Developing a custom tailored CAPTURE™ program begins with a rigorous look at all your airport operations. The key is identifying the interdependencies between components of the organization, as well as people and systems. This information is then organized into a powerful database that, in the event of a crisis, can instantly provide you with the information you need to move quickly to a successful resolution.
From that database you can create crisis management plans as detailed as you feel is necessary.  Those plans can take advantage of the interdependency knowledge you have captured resulting in more comprehensive plans with less work than traditional table top exercise approaches.
CAPTURE™ the Advantage
  • Fully customized to your airport with a knowledgebase that can be easily upgraded and expanded.
  • Provides a centralized and comprehensive solution to crisis planning and management.
  • Reduces your crisis planning time and helps improve your response time to a crisis.
  • Simplifies complex problems in a reliable way.
Interface: Graphical user-friendly interface requires minimum learning time.
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