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Few organizations or businesses are as dynamic and interdependent as airports. When one part of the organization changes or a function fails, there is a natural chain reaction to other areas of the facility. While this is true with most businesses, few feel the impact as quickly or dramatically as airports. Airport failures can result in millions of dollars in damages and even the loss of life.
Information having the most current available and the ability to communicate it in a timely and accurate manner is key to successful airport planning and operations.
Problem the massive amount of data and how to effectively manage it into information and knowledge.
Several years ago, a group of airport professionals identified the need for a tool to more efficiently and effectively assist with airport planning and management. The result of this was the Airport Information Services Evaluation System, or AISES™.
AISES™ is a specialized airport database. When loaded with your operational, economic and administrative information, AISES™ becomes the centralized information source for your facility. AISES™ takes this massive amount of airport specific data and streamlines it into one coordinated information system.


  • Automated contingency and continuity planning tool.
  • Provide a single source of information assuring all departments have access to the same information.
  • CAPTURE™ information can be utilized for future planning.
  • Identify interdependencies between systems, process and people.
  • Effective planning based on data, not intuition.
  • Quality assurance all users working off same information
  • Reduces redundancy
  • One centralized database vs. each department creating their own, thereby duplicating information.
  • Cost efficient information is only loaded (or updated) once and systematically corrects throughout the database.
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